Ballet-style workout

I started taking ballet lessons when I was just three years old. I immediately loved it and had a natural talent. I continued ballet lessons throughout high school and college. I’ve participated in performances all over the northeastern part of the country. Unfortunately, dancing isn’t a practical way to earn a living. After I graduated college, I needed to get a job to pay off student loans and cover everyday expenses. Although I can no longer devote the majority of my time to ballet, it’s important to me to remain physically strong and fit. I wanted to maintain my flexibility and balance. I continue to make my physical well-being a priority. I set aside one to two hours every day to my workout. I’ve incorporated my ballet training into my exercise routine. While ballet is graceful, slow and smooth, the movements are extremely demanding. Achieving and holding those beautiful poses requires tremendous strength and balance. The leaps, pirouettes and plies work a variety of different muscles. The ballet-style workouts are great for getting my heart pumping and pushing my body to new limits. Rather than build bulky muscles, it promotes a long, lean and very toned appearance. My body is slender yet strong. I have a room set aside in my home where I workout. I’ve installed mirrors and a barre so that it’s a bit like a miniature ballet studio. I’ve also included some more traditional style equipment, such as a yoga mat, weight bench, free weights and resistance bands. As much as I love practicing my ballet skills, I sometimes change up my workouts for something different.

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