Enjoying stationary bike

A couple years ago, my husband gave me a stationary bike for my birthday.

I was thrilled with the gift.

I work out every single day for approximately an hour, and I’m always looking for new and different styles of exercise. I understand the importance of muscle confusion and make every effort to target specific areas of the body during each workout. I try to rest my joints every other day to avoid soreness and injury. The stationary bike is ideal because there’s no impact on my feet, ankles, knees or hips. I get to avoid stress on my joints and yet still benefit from a cardio workout. The bike allows me to choose from different programs or freestyle the workout. With a touch of my finger, I can target a specific length of time for the workout or a goal for the amount of calories burned. Because the bike tracks my progress day-by-day, I can compete against myself. During the workout, it’s simple to increase the resistance and I can add an incline. However, I need to motivate myself to pedal at a brisk pace. Sitting on the bike lets me listen to music and even read on my Ipad. I sometimes get caught up in whatever I’m reading and realize that I’m cycling at a very relaxed pace. In order to burn sufficient calories during the session, it’s necessary to push myself. Even when I pedal vigorously for the entire hour and burn six hundred calories, I still feel as if I cheated. Riding the bike is simply too enjoyable to qualify as a strenuous workout. Because of this, I only allow myself to ride the bike once per week. I consider it a treat.


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