Flooded basement ruins workout gear

When the power went out, my sump pumps no longer ran

My basement has always been damp. During the rainy season, the basement would frequently flood. We had constant issues with mold growth and musty smells, and the basement was just about useless. I worried about health related problems and even structural damage to the home. I wasn’t happy wasting this space. I wanted to set up a home gym and the basement was the ideal location. It’s sizable, with a cement floor, access to electricity and stays cool all summer. I finally contacted a local plumber and asked for some recommendations. He explained that the basement was wet because of ground water coming in and advised me to install a pair of sump pumps. The cost of sump pits and the pumps was excessive, but I went ahead with it. I was super excited to finally have a dry basement. Once the sump pumps were operational, it didn’t take long to dry out the area. I immediately put down a rug and moved my workout equipment down there. I invested in a treadmill to go with the stationary bike I already owned. I bought a weight bench and some new dumbbells, weighted balls and resistance bands. For several months, I enjoyed my home gym. It was so convenient to have all of my gear available at any time I had a few free minutes. In the spring, we got hit with a really nasty thunderstorm. Along with torrential downpour, there were also high windows and snow melt. When the power went out, my sump pumps no longer ran. The basement immediately filled with several feet of water. The stationary bike was salvageable, but the treadmill was ruined.


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