Getting in better shape for my wedding

When my boyfriend of six years proposed, I was anxious to start planning the wedding.

I wanted everything to be perfect.

I immediately started dress shopping. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t happy with how I looked. Over the last few years, I’d gradually picked up weight. I’d stopped working out and lost muscle tone. My body looked lumpy in all of the dresses I tried on. I was unwilling to feel self-conscious at my wedding and be embarrassed by the wedding photos. I knew I needed to diet and start working out. I tried losing weight on my own and had no success. I was intimidated at the gym and couldn’t make myself go. I went for a run and hurt my knees and ankles. I continuously cheated on my diet. I was totally discouraged by the time a friend of mine recommended I contact a personal trainer. The personal trainer made all the difference. He listened to my concerns and goals and arranged training sessions that accommodated my schedule. We started meeting four days per week, for one-hour workouts. The one-on-one training was so beneficial for me. The personal trainer stressed the importance of an in-depth warmup and a thorough stretch. He guided me through each exercise, making sure I had proper form. He also motivated me to work much harder than I would have on my own. The training sessions were extremely strenuous, and I was tempted to give up. However, it didn’t take long before I began to notice results. I not only dropped weight, but improved the shape of my body. I felt much stronger, healthier and more fit. By the time of the wedding, I was in the best shape of my life.

Personal Fitness Trainer