Having a workout I enjoy

On the ride home, I typically increase the resistance and attempt to quicken my pace

I have a fitness routine that I really enjoy. I try to get up by seven o’clock in the morning and be dressed and ready to head out within half an hour. In the area where I live, the weather allows me to workout for the majority of the year. Although it’s sometimes a bit chilly or rather overheated, I prefer to get outside and take advantage of the fresh air. I lace up my sneakers, get on my bicycle and follow the bike path that goes right by my house. The bike path is paved and prohibits motorized vehicles. It’s extremely safe and convenient. I purchased a bluetooth speaker that straps to my bike basket, and I have a holder for my phone that straps to my handlebars. I play my favorite music while I pedal my bike. A twenty minute bike ride takes me to a nearby athletic field. It’s just enough of a workout to get me warmed up. The athletic field offers lots of mowed grass, paved areas and shaded spots. I spend approximately forty minutes working out there. I always start with a dedicated stretch and then switch between lunges, jumps and squats. I sometimes run around the field for fifteen to twenty minutes. I bring along a towel that I spread on the ground so that I can do some ab crunches. I also have a water bottle with me, and the athletic field provides access to restrooms. Once I’ve sufficiently elevated my heart rate and worked up a decent sweat, I get back on my bike and pedal home. On the ride home, I typically increase the resistance and attempt to quicken my pace. This exercise routine involves a lot of different muscles and burns a tremendous amount of calories. I always feel great afterward.

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