Personal trainer takes fitness to a new level

I’ve always been conscientious about my level of fitness.

I make it a priority to get in a workout every day.

I continually set new goals for myself, attempting to always improve. At one point, I reached a plateau. I tried changing up my diet and altering my workout but saw no results. It was extremely frustrating. I was working out longer than normal, pushing myself harder and yet accomplishing nothing. I realized that as I’m getting older, my metabolism is slowing down. I was worried about gaining weight and losing strength. I finally decided that I needed professional help. I went online and read reviews for personal trainers. I found a guy who was willing to work around my job and we arranged to meet up four days per week. I wasn’t all that optimistic. I found it hard to believe the personal trainer could provide anything beyond what I was doing for myself. After the first session, I changed my mind. I could never push myself to that level. The personal trainer provided new exercises and raised the intensity. By the end of the session, I was dripping sweat and breathing hard. It felt great. Within a couple of weeks, I began achieving new goals again. I was so impressed with the style of workouts that I’ve continued training with the personal trainer. He helps me to target all the different muscle groups. He introduces new exercises that incorporate strength building, high impact aerobics, balance and flexibility. On the recommendation of my personal trainer, I’ve also started meeting with a nutritionist.

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