Problems with odors in home gym

I live in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is very extreme all year round.

The winter season brings temperatures down to twenty-five below zero and an annual snow accumulation of approximately fifteen feet.

The summer weather is typically hot and humid, with temperatures in the mid-eighties. In-between, we get high winds, torrential downpours and freezing rain. We are trapped in doors the majority of the time and temperature control is a necessity. In order to improve comfort and minimize energy waste, I’ve taken all sorts of precautions to tighten up the house. While these efforts prevent the heated and cooled air from escaping outside, I’ve also eliminated natural ventilation. Without any influx of outside air, contaminants and odors become trapped inside and create problems with indoor air quality. Issues with dust and foul odors were especially bad in the room set aside as my home gym. Due to our local weather, I need to workout inside most of the time. Physical fitness is really important to me and my workouts are very strenuous. I am typically dripping sweat by the end of it, and I don’t smell very nice. The odor in the home gym became especially bad. Plus, the equipment was constantly covered in a layer of dust. Cleaning a treadmill, stationary bike, yoga mats and free weights is time-consuming and frustrating. I finally invested in a whole-home ventilation system. It is incorporated right into the heating and cooling unit and works to bring in fresh air and remove stale air. Since installing the ventilator, the whole house stays cleaner, feels fresher and my workout area is far more enjoyable.

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