It would be difficult to do my HVAC job without CBD oil

I feel as though I am the type of person who you might characterize as being high strung.

I easily realize that I can be a little bit uppity and tough at times which makes people a tad bit uncomfortable.

Please understand that it’s not because I am trying to throw a wrench into anybody’s plans. I don’t enjoy becoming aggravated and I don’t prefer feeling overwhelmed in any situation. However, I have a good amount of anxiety and internal tension that can turn me into a real monster at times. I have had to learn to deal with this throughout my adult life. This has been especially crucial as a central heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist. As a Heating and A/C specialist you never know what your day is going to be like. When I leave the property in the morning I might not be able to make it back home for another 12 hours due to a full schedule of heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment maintenance services. My day could be packed with Heating and A/C maintenance appointments or I could get stuck on one particularly hard furnace or air conditioner repair. It’s impossible to say. All of this uncertainty in my heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist task easily makes me anxious and riled up. That’s why I always keep a bottle of CBD oil in my heating and cooling maintenance truck. If I ever get caught in traffic, walking into a mean Heating and A/C client’s property, or I am racking my brain for the next heating and cooling equipment maintenance trick that I can try… I am going to dose myself with a bit of CBD oil. It calms me down immediately and then my Heating and A/C equipment answers can come abruptly.


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