Don’t let hubris kill the HVAC

I have this ever present need to figure out just how everything operates.

It would be better if I was some sort of creative genius.

But, I turned out to be a serious tinkering handyman. I just love to get into the depths of machinery and learn all the functions. This is not what I do for a living. I work in an HVAC controlled office crunching numbers. My job is satisfying to a degree and I’m thankful for the life it provides me and my family. However, it is not my passion. My passion squarely lies in tinkering with machines and understanding their inner workings. I think there is a special connection to the trial and error process for working with machines that is deeply satisfying. But those mistakes can be real costly and a recent HVAC repair is a great example of that. When I can, I hang with the HVAC tech as he does the maintenance on our heating & cooling unit. Our HVAC tech is awesome and he is happy to let me watch and learn. Unfortunately, I think learning from the HVAC tech instilled me with a false sense of confidence. When the furnace went down not too long ago, I decided that I would have a look at it. This was a fateful mistake as I immediately got in over my head. But, I persisted and it got worse. I attempted to replace a part and it ended up making the furnace completely overheat. So, I turned a routine HVAC repair into a situation where I voided the warranty and had to replace the furnace on my dime.

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