Author: Frederick

I’m on a roll

Have you ever been on a major roll with something? You know, like it seems that everything is going your way in terms of luck. Well, I had this feeling a few weeks ago when I was out shopping for some heating and air conditioning related things. First, I was looking to buy some more […]

My new sports car

I really love my new sports car! It took me what seems like a lifetime to be able to save up to buy it. And when the day finally came that I was able to get the new sports car it was just like a major dream come true for me. I had a little […]

Working close to home

So I go home and visit with my wife. I consider myself a very lucky person in the fact that I work so close to home. I am a certified heating and cooling specialist and I work for the biggest local heating and air conditioning company in town. It is just pure luck that this […]

Will it ever change?

I don’t know about you, but I am really getting annoyed at the price of heating and air conditioning repair and general service. It seems to be getting more and more expensive every single year. If they keep this up, no one will be able to afford to get their central heating and cooling systems […]

My furnace is brand new

My furnace is brand new. I knew that I was going to have to get my furnace fixed when I walked in the house after work one day, and it was absolutely freezing. It was literally forty degrees in my house. I called an HVAC company that evening, and they had someone out to my […]

I think my furnace may need serviced

I need to make sure that my furnace is working well before the real winter weather hits I think my furnace may need servicing. It was just the other night when I realized that there was something off. I went to get in bed, and I was super cold. I thought that I was getting […]

New family needs new A/C

My brother and his wife have just adopted a baby girl. She is so precious. The adoption was a surprise to most of the family, including myself. I guess there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the adoption and they didn’t want to tell us until it was a certainty. I found out about it […]