Author: Frederick

I’m looking to start taking CBD again

I suppose that I have been a stress ball ever since I left graduate school as well as started my career. That’s not to say that I did something wrong or anything. It’s just that things became serious so fast that I did not take time to balance everything. Back in university, I can remember […]

Zone cooling seems like a winner

In older homes, it can often be difficult to properly heat and cool the entire place. One reason is due to old insulation. Old insulation can deteriorate over time leaving hot and cold spots throughout your home. These spots make it difficult to effectively heat and cool our home. Adding new insulation can be an […]

HVAC zone control was a good option for our dwelling

In older dwellings, it can often be especially difficult to officially heat & cool the entire place… One reason is due to ancient insulation. Ancient insulation can deteriorate over time leaving hot & frigid spots throughout your dwelling. These spots make it completely difficult to effectively heat & cool our dwelling. Adding modern insulation can […]