I’m on a roll

Have you ever been on a major roll with something? You know, like it seems that everything is going your way in terms of luck.

Well, I had this feeling a few weeks ago when I was out shopping for some heating and air conditioning related things.

First, I was looking to buy some more HEPA air filters for my central heating and cooling unit. When I walked into the store that I buy them at, I found that the HEPA air filters were on sale for half off! I was so surprised by this! Usually when they have a sale on HEPA air filters, they are like 20 percent off or something like that, but never half off. So that was a lucky break right there. Then, the same day I was wanting to go and buy a portable air conditioning system. When I went to the store to buy the portable air conditioning system that too was on a major sale! The store I went to happen to be going out of business and the portable air conditioning system was on clearance! So I ended up getting the portable air conditioning system for nearly half off as well. And with the portable air conditioning system I saved about two hundred dollars on what I planned on paying for it. It was a real miracle! Then the last thing on my list that day was to go and buy some freon to charge the heating and cooling in my car. And would you believe it? That too was on sale! I was truly on a roll!


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My new sports car

I really love my new sports car! It took me what seems like a lifetime to be able to save up to buy it.

And when the day finally came that I was able to get the new sports car it was just like a major dream come true for me.

I had a little bit of a bonus though with this new sports car of mine. It ended up coming with the best central heating and air conditioning that you could possibly get a car today! This I was not even planning on. It just worked out that way. So I can drive my sports car in pure indoor comfort at all times of the year. It does not matter if it is below 0 degrees outside, I can be nice and warm with the wonderful central heating in the new sports car. And the same goes in the super hot summer time of the year. It could be over one hundred and ten degrees and the central air conditioning in my sports car can handle it and make it feel like you are driving on a nice cool fall day. My friends are very jealous of my brand new sports car for this very reason. Their cars do not have central heating and air conditioning that can handle the most extreme weather like my sports car can. If it is way too hot or cold, they find their car overheating from trying to keep the heater or the air conditioning going well enough. I do not ever have to worry about this!

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Working close to home

So I go home and visit with my wife.

I consider myself a very lucky person in the fact that I work so close to home. I am a certified heating and cooling specialist and I work for the biggest local heating and air conditioning company in town. It is just pure luck that this heating and air conditioning company happens to be within walking distance from my house! I can tell you that the only time I even drive to work is if it is a rainy day, a snowy day or if it’s just too hot or cold. But when the temperatures are great,. I walk to work. It is something many of the other heating and air conditioning specialists around the place are jealous of with me. That I can actually walk home or quickly drive home to eat lunch if I wanted to and I was not out in the field on an HVAC repair or installation job. That happens almost every day, but there are some days that the heating and air conditioning repair or installation job I am on is either close to home, or I am in between jobs when lunch time rolls around. So I go home and visit with my wife. And if it is summer I can spend a few extra moments with my kids at lunch time. It is so great working so close to home. Especially with a job like being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. Not many of those have that luxury unless they are independent heating and cooling contractors who already work out of their home.

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Will it ever change?

I don’t know about you, but I am really getting annoyed at the price of heating and air conditioning repair and general service.

It seems to be getting more and more expensive every single year.

If they keep this up, no one will be able to afford to get their central heating and cooling systems fixed when they break down, and no one will be able to afford a standard HVAC tune up either. Also, things like getting your ductwork cleaned which in turn helps your central heating and air conditioning system last longer will not even be affordable. So will it ever change? Will they ever reduce the prices or at least make them not go any higher? Who knows! But the way it looks at this moment in time it does not seem too promising for this to happen any time in the near or distant future. Heating and air conditioning service and repair did not used to be this expensive. I can remember when a heating and air conditioning system breaking down was no big deal and the only worry was getting an HVAC specialist out to your home in a timely manner. But today, when your central heating and cooling unit breaks the first thing you worry about is, can you even afford to get it fixed! This is really messed up. I understand about inflation and all. But come on, this is simply highway robbery with these ridiculous price raises in heating and air conditioning that has been going on the last few years or so!

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My furnace is brand new

My furnace is brand new.

I knew that I was going to have to get my furnace fixed when I walked in the house after work one day, and it was absolutely freezing.

It was literally forty degrees in my house. I called an HVAC company that evening, and they had someone out to my house the next day. It was a little more difficult than they thought it would be though. He tried to figure out what was wrong with my furnace. He tried replacing two different parts before he realized that my furnace was simply not fixable. I didn’t blame him though because he told me from the beginning that I would need a new furnace in the near future, but I told him to try to just fix my old furnace for now. I should have listened to him. When he replaced the first part, my furnace worked for about a week. I ended up having to call the HVAC company back when my furnace stopped working a week after he replaced the first part. When he replaced the second part on the furnace, nothing changed. It was then that he strongly advised me to just get a new furnace. He said that it would end up costing about as much money to fix my old furnace as it would to get a new furnace, and it wouldn’t last as long as a new furnace would. I took his advice, and I had a brand new furnace installed in my home. It may not have been what I was hoping for, but I am glad to at least be free of furnace issues.

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I fell down the stairs while trying to transport my air purifier

I fell down the stairs while trying to transport my air purifier. I thought for sure that I was not going to fall. I was confident because the air purifier wasn’t actually that heavy. It was just sort of awkward to carry because of the size and shape of the air purifier. I wanted a larger air purifier so that it would clean more air in my house, but I didn’t realize that it would be difficult to transport if I ever needed to. I wanted to keep it upstairs, but I was doing some painting downstairs, so I decided that it was a good idea for me to transport the air purifier to the living room where I was painting. In theory it was a good idea because paint has a lot of strong chemicals in it, and it would be better for me to not breathe in so many of those chemicals. I tried to move my air purifier down stairs, and I found that it was more difficult than I thought it would be. I moved it from my bedroom to the top of the stairs. I was planning to slowly maneuver it down the stairs, but that didn’t work out so well. I ended up tripping and falling down the stairs. I was on the second from the top stair, so I basically fell down the entire flight of stairs, and the air purifier fell with me. The air purifier landed on me at the bottom of the stairs. It was not broken thankfully, but I was pretty bruised up.


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I think my furnace may need serviced

I need to make sure that my furnace is working well before the real winter weather hits

I think my furnace may need servicing. It was just the other night when I realized that there was something off. I went to get in bed, and I was super cold. I thought that I was getting sick or something like that. I decided to go ahead and check the thermostat just in case one of my children adjusted it. I checked the thermostat, and it said that the house was sixty degrees even though the temperature was set for seventy-five degrees. I am used to having the house pretty warm, so I definitely noticed when it was only sixty degrees. I was freezing. I called my dad and asked why the house would be so cold if the thermostat was set for seventy-five degrees. He named off a couple of reasons, but he didn’t know for sure. He would have come over right away to check out the furnace, but he was out of state on a business trip. I really wanted him to be home, but there was nothing that he could do. My husband was out of the country at the time, so he couldn’t help me no matter how much he wanted to. I plan to contact an HVAC company later today. I know that there is something wrong with my furnace. I just hope that it is nothing serious. I need to make sure that my furnace is working well before the real winter weather hits. I hope that I don’t have to buy a whole new furnace though. I am not exactly prepared to have to buy a whole new furnace.



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I have a few air conditioners that I don’t need

I have few air conditioners that I don’t need.

  • I have had these air conditioners for like ten years.

I don’t know why on earth I have three air conditioners that I don’t need and have not used in ten years. They are all brand new air conditioners still in the box. I don’t know if people will want them though because the air conditioners are so old. I hope that I can find people who will want the air conditioners. I have had them for so long, and I certainly don’t need three air conditioners. I actually have central air conditioning in my house, so I don’t even know why I bought the window air conditioning units in the first place. It was definitely a mistake to say the least. I didn’t need the air conditioners in the first place, and it was simply a waste of money. I love my central air conditioning, and I would never want to trade it for window air conditioning units. Central air conditioning works so much better in my personal life. I used to use window air conditioning units in my last house, and I guess that must be why I had all of those extra window air conditioning units, but I never used them, so I am still a little confused as to why I have three brand new air conditioners. I was in a car accident about five years ago, and I have some memory loss, so I don’t remember anything about the air conditioners. I have asked friends and family if they remember why I have so many air conditioners, but none of them know anything about the air conditioners.




Microwave, plus heating or cooling, pops the breaker

I will always remember our first rental.

My husband and I barely had two pennies to rub together between the two of us.

Still, we were determined to make it on our own. We each worked full time and went to college full time. This meant that we were barely ever home. So it didn’t matter that “home” was a converted garage in a nasty part of town. The rental was in pretty bad shape. The roof leaked when it rained and there were no walls. There were 4 walls around the perimeter, yes. But there were no walls separating the kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom. Everything was just out. The bathroom had a sort of curtain that went around it, that was it. Still, we made it work. However, the most annoying thing was the electricity. We couldn’t run the air conditioner or the heater at the same time that the microwave was running. It blew a breaker every single time. I can’t tell you how many times we forgot that the air conditioner or the heater was on when we popped something into the microwave. Then we would lose all electricity and one of us would have to run outside and flip the breaker back on. This is despite the fact that the air conditioner was just a little window unit and the heater was literally just a space heater. It didn’t matter, it was still too much of a draw on the power box. I’m glad we were finally able to leave that place and rent an apartment where we could have hot or cold air at the same time we heater up our food.

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New family needs new A/C

My brother and his wife have just adopted a baby girl.

She is so precious.

The adoption was a surprise to most of the family, including myself. I guess there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the adoption and they didn’t want to tell us until it was a certainty. I found out about it just 1 day before they went and picked up their daughter. My brother sounded super nervous about everything but I reassured him that he would make a great father. I wasn’t surprised when I got a call in the middle of the night and saw that it was my brother. I thought he would have some baby questions for me. Nope. That wasn’t the case. It turns out that their air conditioner had suddenly stopped working a few hours earlier and it was getting very hot in the house. My brother wanted to know if they could come sleep in my house. They were worried that the baby would overheat with no air conditioning. I told them to come on over. My air conditioner works great. Besides, I hadn’t met my niece yet. Needless to say, we didn’t get much more sleep last night. The new parents finally fell asleep around 6 in the morning. I let them sleep while I cared for the baby. I hope their air conditioner never gets fixed. They can just live with me until the baby is 18. I would be ok with that. However, I know that the new little family would like to get back to their own house. So I called up an HVAC supplier and sent them to my brother’s house. That can be my gift to them.

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